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4 Tips to Write Powerful Songs

As promised, 4 tips to help you write powerful songs.

Here we go let’s jump right in…

1. Find a Reference

Find songs that you love technically and creatively and use them as a guide or bar for your songwriting and songs. In addition, take these same songs and break them down. Why is it so important to use songs that you love? You will be the most interested in these songs; you’ll want to know what makes them tick because of this fascination. It’s sort of like being in love or having a crush on someone. You become a student of them; you study them and you are eager to learn everything about them and what makes them so amazing.

So by using songs you love as a reference for your songwriting, you give your songs a better chance at being more than just a song you think is great, but a song that is technically and creatively amazing period. In order to create great songs, you need to understand what makes a song great. Trying to write songs without listening to the pros’ songs is like trying to draw a picture of something you have never seen.

2. Listen to More Music

In a previous post, I wrote about creativity and something called the internal creative bank. A place where your subconscious stores clips of creative data it has selected, which normally are the best parts, based on your preferences, to pull from later when you are writing new songs. Since the music you listen to is how it gets its supply, you’ll need to make sure you not only increase the amount of music you listen to, but also make sure it is diverse. 

3. Ignore the Shortcuts

We humans are creatures of habit and we love to be comfortable, even if the habit is having a negative effect on us. 

Comfort is boring and uninteresting. Our mind succumbs to distractions easier when it is uninterested. And as much as we like routine, structure, and security we are most inspired by things that are foreign to our habits; things that are uncomfortable and new. This is why we must continue to challenge ourselves and choose the hard way sometimes. The worst habit you can build as a songwriter is looking for the easy way out. Not only does this not work out, but your writing will suffer and you rob yourself of the chance to improve your songwriting skills.  

4. Tell Your Story 

Your songs will be more memorable when you tell your story through them. One of the things that makes us human is our emotions and the ability to express them. Being authentic, and showing that you are human and have experiences and emotions that people can relate to will create an emotional connection. You could focus on an emotional reaction from the listener, but a better focus point would be writing a song about something that means something to you. Chances are someone will be able to relate to the experiences you are writing about. In addition, you will have a song you love without compromising who you are. 

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