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Heart Shaped [EP]


After releasing an ambitious slew of extraordinary singles, has matriculated into a staple of intimate clarity, with a new EP entitled Heart Shaped, to showcase his naturalistic melodic R&B, Pop, and Soulful sound. For those still not in the know, The Concept Man is one of California’s unsung super-producers, who has championed the careers of many indie artists, as well as, garnering substantial placements on various global television brands. Amidst the backdrop of a lifetime of service, to the fraternity of love and humanity, Antoine Tramble, also known as The Concept Man, explodes with a firey work of art. It is with extreme humility and faith in the impossible, that he is finally grasping his, oftentimes elusive, dream of sharing the music of his soul with the citizens of planet earth. Often intimate and obviously thoughtful, The Concept Man’s sound isn’t made with both eyes on the mainstream, yet he has every fiber of his being on feeding each chamber of the heart.


This collection features instrumental tracks from my portfolio.

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