How to Use Inspiration to Get Your Music Done

How to Use Inspiration to Get Music Done

There are two types of inspiration: the kind that inspires you to take action, and the kind that can distract you from it. While the former will help you get more music done, the later will eat up the time you’ve set aside for working on music.

So how do you get one type without the other? Well, just like anything else, before you can have control of which one happens to you, you need to understand precisely what each one is.

In this post, I will explain what both types of inspiration are and how to activate the type that will help you actually get music done.

Here we go…

Negative Inspiration

Negative inspiration can act as a form of addiction. It can actually work against us, becoming a distraction and fuel for  procrastination. It starts as an innocent search for ideas to jump start our projects, however, one thing leads to the next and before we know it, we have lost hours of productive time.

Negative inspiration actually reminds me of a Siren from Greek mythology because they lure men in with beauty and song, leading them to their demise. Similarly, negative inspiration will hook us and keep us distracted from getting our music done.

We, as humans, love stimulation and we all have a specific type of stimuli that captivates us and keeps us distracted for hours. The problem is that this emotional feeling is many times not enough to get us to physically take action. I mean, it takes something incredibly inspirational to make us want to get up and move.

The disappointing thing is that for every inspirational thing comes a finite supply of inspiration. In other words, when the feeling runs out we have to hunt down more inspirational things because we need a fix. This is ultimately how the addiction forms. We become obsessed, continually searching for anything that will recreate that feeling and give us that experience once more.

Negative Inspiration is dangerous because it can create an illusion, making us feel as though we are accomplishing something without actually getting anything done. We imagine all these great possibilities and have all these creative ideas but fail to act on them because we are so distracted by this emotional feeling.

The Web

The web is the best and worst place to go searching for inspiration. Really, the name speaks for itself. Just like a spider designs a spider-web to trap flies and other insects, the internet can be a like a trap for our time and emotional energy. We may not even notice until we have already spent all of the time we had set aside to get our music done.

Negative inspiration is like being paralyzed from the neck down. We see everything going on, we even have urges to act, but still; we are unable to physically move and take action to move our projects forward. We become another victim of analysis paralysis.

Although there are productive ways to use negative inspiration, it might be better to avoid it altogether until you have a plan or a system to resist its pull.

Positive Inspiration

The Propeller

Positive inspiration is like a propeller. It pushes us forward helping us to get our music done, and it motivates us to focus on something creative for hours or even days.

Positive inspiration is the secret to getting music done or getting a lot of music started. If we are inspired while we are working, we become highly creative, which gives us access to a multitude of different ideas for the current project or other projects.

The cool thing about being inspired while we are already working is we are prepared to capture the ideas that arrive. We get a child-like energy combined with focus, which will help us actually get our music done or move the project further along.

Just like Negative Inspiration, Positive Inspiration is fueled by emotion. However, it creates a rippling effect in a progressive manner.

The negative to this positive is that it takes a very unique situation in order to use this type of inspiration and make it beneficial.

Here is a secret you already know:


Love is the habitat of inspiration and creativity. When you are doing something you love, inspiration naturally comes out to play. When I say play I mean it will actually play a game of hide and seek with you. When it peeks its head out, you have to be ready to capture it when it does and hold on with all of your might. Once captured we can use it to help us create our best creations, and we will even find ourselves checking songs off as complete.

Negative Creep

If we’re not careful negative inspiration can creep in and send us on a wild goose chase. This can happen when we think of an idea or a question while we are working, and want to know the answer right then and there. Because information has become so easy to access, we have become addicted to sudden gratification, which is why it’s so easy to fall victim of short periods of procrastination.

Tip: I recommend having something to take note with next to where you are working. If you have a problem with web distraction, completely unplug your router or go to a location where there is no Wi-Fi. You will have to have a mobile setup in order to do this, though.

Negative creep can also happen when we are so inspired or in awe of what we’ve created that we put the music on loop and start day dreaming. We start staring off into space imagining how others might react to the song, how we will perform it or maybe what the music video will be like. The list goes on. This is a tough one to combat, but with lots of practice, you become better at snapping out of it.

Final Thought

Now that you know the differences between negative and positive inspiration, you know that it can be more productive to let inspiration come to you, versus going out and trying to find it.

What are your experiences with negative and positive inspiration? Do you have any creative ways you use negative inspiration to get your music done?

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