Write Your Own Songs

Do These Things and Write Your Own Songs

Do you want to make your own music CD? How about writing the songs yourself? Maybe you want to write a love song for your anniversary or put your wedding vows in song form? The truth is, you want to be able to say that “I wrote this song.”

It even feels good just reading it huh?

Imagine not only being able to write a song that will touch the person you love, but being able to sit down and write a song for any occasion anytime you feel like it.

Here’s the thing, there is no better person suited to write your songs than you. And no one else understands the emotions that you are trying to express better. This is a song about someone you love. Someone you’ve studied and know the most intricate details about. There is no songwriter in the world that can write the lyrics exactly the way they are written on your heart.

Whether you’re writing lyrics for a hip hop rap song or an emotional love song with singing, this post will show you some things you can start doing today to be able to write your own songs or enhance your current songwriting skills.

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Write Every Day

The single most important thing you can do to become a better songwriter is write songs. But to really see a big improvement, you’re going to want to build a habit of writing everyday. You see, the writing is not the hard part; it’s starting to write that is hard. But when you build a habit or routine of writing every day you make starting a little easier. You need to practice and get lots of repetitions to develop skill, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Each song is different and with each song comes a new set of problems to solve, a new set of puzzle pieces to put together. By writing every day you’re building a database of solutions to try out on future songs.

Stay Ready

Song inspiration and ideas come from the weirdest places and at the most unexpected times. You’ll probably get many ideas in the shower or while you’re driving. This is because the brain and creativity seem to favor bringing ideas to the table when we are not looking for them or when we are the least prepared to capture them. But by being prepared with a pen and a note pad or an electronic capture device, you’ll be ready to capture those rare ideas when they try to sneak up on you the next time.

Keep Everything

Sometimes you’ll get lyrics or melodies that don’t really work for the current song you’re working on. In those cases, capture the idea and archive it for later. It’s important that you build a habit of keeping everything. You want to become a hoarder of musical ideas. This will help you build up a collection of rhymes, phrases, and melodies for those days when you feel uninspired and need a kick in the pants. 

Don’t Edit

There will be times when you will be inspired to write a song. You will feel as though you are possessed, needing to turn this emotional feeling into something tangible. These are the writing sessions I like to call “mind dumping.” This is were you write without erasing or editing until nothing else is coming to mind. You can always go back later and fix whatever does not work.

Don’t Rush It

Don’t worry about how long it takes you to write a song. I  know some talented writers who can write a complete song or even a hit in 20 – 30 minutes. But that didn’t happen over night—they developed their craft day by day, word by word, song by song. The problem with rushing creative work is that you’re also forcing it, going against your creative flow. When writing for someone else, there are times when you will have to go faster than you want to, but I recommend taking it slow and building your skill before you take on songs where you will be on a deadline.

Write With Emotion

Music is emotion you can hear. It is the most effective way to explain or express emotion. Emotion is also the secret ingredient of all powerful songs. Whenever you hear a song and have an emotional reaction, you are experiencing that secret ingredient in full effect. Emotion is contagious, and music is the ultimate vehicle to deliver the infection. To write songs that connect with others you need to tap into your emotions and inject them into your songs. However, this is easier said than done.

So how do you tap into this secret ingredient and how can you use it in your songs?

Pay Attention

Songwriting is describing and explaining life’s experiences, interactions, and connections. There are many areas of life where we can find inspiration and ideas for songs, but one of the strongest categories I know of is in our relationships with the people we love. However, in order to be able to use these experiences you need to pay attention to people, your surroundings, your emotional reactions, and theirs. You need to have a genuine interest in people. One reason relationships are a gold mine for songs ideas and concepts is that they are unpredictable. But this is why these experiences make such powerful songs—they are the core of human nature and life. By paying attention to your relationships and the people you share them with, you gain an unlimited supply of writing material.

Here is a song I wrote for my wife for Valentine’s day. When she was done listening, gave me a kiss that made me forget I was standing.

Homework: Pick a topic from a recent experience in one of your relationships and write lyrics for a song on it for at least 30 minutes everyday at the same time for a week. Make sure you choose a block of time you are least likely to be interrupted.

After a week send me an email to antoine@antoinetramble.com and let me know the progress you’ve made. 

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